Thursday, June 1, 2017

selective attention fail?

Okay, you watched this video ,
But here's another "selective attention" test on the video:

What did the text/writing on Dave's car stereo say?

Do you remember?  Did you notice?
Click here for the answer...or just watch the video; it's particularly clear  at the very beginning and the very end (inclusio!) of the video.

Now for extra credit, post  in the comments below:

1)Did you catch it, and how did this make you feel? (No shame; most don't).
2)Your thoughts on the very provocative quotes from Kraybill (and Dave) at the link above (or here).

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  1. The title on the stereo was No Title, which went along with the quotes from Kraybill (and Just Dave) because God made us all with the intention of being equal. There for no Title is necessary when addressing people. This thought makes me feel a little awkward as I was raise some part of my life by my great and I was taught to always be respectful which include, Yes mam yes sir and addressing Doctor, when appropriate. This is a challenging thought for me.

  2. I did not remember the title until I went back and looked. I did however hear the beeping and was wondering if Dave was buckled or if his car was okay. I thought it was humbling that Dave is okay with being called just by his first name. This was hard for me, I am so used to saying Mr... or Mrs... I do not think there is anything wrong with titles I think it shows respect. I think the issue is people having a pretentious attitude because of their title. It was a simple reminder we are all people and a title does not make anyone more or less important.

  3. I caught the words in the car they were on the screen in green saying no file , I remembered this because twice you placed emphasis on this during the video. I felt that I should make a note since there are little Easter eggs like that hidden in the videos. My thoughts are that we should strive to live more collectively in the kingdom as equals under God. To do this it is very important to let go of vanity to let go off titles. We should work on the common goals of love respect and living by the word. KK from FPU class.

    1. I meant to put title lol.. it fits with the second questions theme as well ;)

  4. I did notice what the display said, "No Title." I too that this was going to be important to remember because you did go to it twice, but I want sure if you were showing us the numbers on the display or what it said. I had thought you were giving us a clue to your address at first by showing us the numbers. See this did not make me feel a particular way, except in the back of my head I knew there was a reason for it.

    "In one stroke, Jesus erases titles (Matt. 23:8-10). Tagging each other with titles has no place in the upside-down kingdom where everyone stands on equal ground" (226). This quote is a very interesting concept. Titles do give people seniority but in the Kingdom of God no one is above another person. The boss I work for is a doctor and he is also a very close family friend of mine as well. However, when we are not at work I still cannot bring myself to call him by his first name I still address him as doctor. Not because I feel he is above me because he does not treat his employees like he above them, but just out of habit and respect.


  5. No title is what your stereo read. I had to go back and look at it. I think the world we live in today is all about titles. Everyone strives to have one and you're less if you do not have one. It's beautiful to have the mentality that as long as we serve God no titles are necessary. He is the only one that has one and we are all equals.

  6. The tile on the Radio said "No Title". I seen it in the beginning but I didn't remember what it said when I read the question. I missed it! Kraybil's no titles seem not likely for our day and age.I understand God created us equal and we are equal in regards to life worth. However I am not qualified to be a Sheriff so that's not my title. At my current job I am a Project Manager and I am called PM Albert. This title don't mean my life is worth more than any of the other employees it just mean I am the supervisor and I'm responsible for the staff.


  7. I didn’t catch it. And I feel silly because I just watched the last video where you talked about observing the book in the background so I was trying to see if there was any books sitting around, lol. And, the idea of not having any titles is interesting, I think so much of the time for myself I rely on my title as a source of importance when im event planning or telling people what I do, I guess I should rely more on my character than a title.
    JLM from FPU