Sunday, June 4, 2017

Matthew help

Historical world help on Matthew passages.

a)Craig Keener is one of best Bible teachers and Three Worlds Teachers,especially on Matthew.
Once you know your text from Matthew, you can click to Craig's video on that section, and fast forward to your exact text.  It's all here.

If your passage is from the first five chapters on Matthew,  click here for a Word doc with some of his written notes that may help.  If your passage is from chapter 5, or chapter 19-28, you have an amazing resource at this click. Craig has written a very helpful commentary in Matthew, and  here  you can see comments on those chapters free.

b)Ray Van Der Laan you'll recogize from class videos as our tour guide to the Holy Land.
His website (here) is full of resources.  Maybe putting "Matthew" or a key word in the search bar will help as you study. Or click "learn" to see articles.

c)There is a good commentary on Matthew free online here.

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