Thursday, June 22, 2017

Historical world: Wine mixed with rubber, Persian onions, Ashes of ostrich egg

a provocative threefold question before we start CHAPTERS 11-13.

Which would you choose:

  • 1)Drink wine mixed with rubber, alum, and garden crocuses?
  • '2) Eat Persian onions and yell out'Kum, Kum, Kum !'?
  • 3) Carry around the ashes of an ostrich egg in a cloth?

You can read more about the intriguing reasons WHY at this link..

..but you'll remember an amazing "historical world" lesson:

These were the main options/remedies that would be given in that culture the bleeding woman we meet in Matthew  9..

And if you look at how the story is obviously INTERCALATED in three gospel accounts with another story (the young girl, daughter of Jairus, a synagogue ruler..

you'll be able to do some quick comparing/contrasting the two stories,
and note that we are to get the "Literary world" message that 

Jesus is indiscriminate and inclusive in who he heals:

Older (a woman suffering for 12 years  and younger  ( a 12 year old girl),

poorer  and richer...

what other comparisons/contrasts do you find?

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