Saturday, March 25, 2017

Option A: :The Gods Aren't Angry

If you choose this  A option, watch the video, and post your answers to the questions on Moodle.  Your answers should show that you watched the whole video, and that you didn't just use ideas from other students' posts.

"The Gods Aren't Angry"  by Rob Bell. video   

1)Short summary or  review: mention what caught your attention
2)Say something about Abraham and altars
3)What is the "culmination of the ages" and the
"reconciliation of all ages" and how does this make you think of what we've learned about the Kingdom?
4)What is the speaker's view of the atonement (the death of Jesus), and what it was meant to accomplish?
5)What does the speaker suggest is the role of  a ritual?
6) Say something about Jesus and the temple
7)Which of the many stories he told about people  (in the second half of the video, starting with the two girls who cut themselves) did you appreciate most or relate to, and why? 


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