Tuesday, March 28, 2017

"I Led You Like a Bride"

It's one thing to see communion as a wedding, but
did you ever think of the Ten Commandments as a wedding?
Answer that question  (One word "Yes" or "No" is fine) as question C.  You can post below in the comments section (If you don't have one of the indicated accounts, just choose "anonymous" (but be sure to post your  first or last name  or initials in the answer).  You can also back on Moodle if you have trouble

Want to know more? 
You might want to watch this, it's also by Ray Van Der Laan, and depending on your teacher, you may see it in your cohort Bible class (It's really engaging, and definitely a student favorite).. He takes you to the top of the mountain to re-enact the giving of the Ten Commandments, and makes the case that they too are a wedding!

Definitely not required to watch..just wanted to tip you off to the thesis.


  1. James Munoz:
    c. Although the video shows a T-shaped cross, I do not think it matters on what shape Jesus was crucified. Romans often used the T-shape so that they could leave the upright piece upright all the time, and just have the criminal carry the cross-piece, which was secured on top of the already upright piece, as seen in the video.

    d. I never that of communion as a wedding, mainly because I had never heard of proposing over a cup of wine. However, I was always taught the significant of the covenant and mutual promise you make to God when taking communion, so it's kind of the same thing, without the weird "Jesus is my husband now" references.

  2. c. no
    d. I ca see how like a husband God gives us protective care, and the historical context of offering the wine makes me see that connection. Sabbath as the sign and the Ketuvah shows how the commandments and the communion are both signs that we are to join in love and commitment to our God. Much like we would our spouse in Marriage. Kara K

  3. c) The cross in the video was "T" shaped, which I have heard is the way Jesus' cross could have been shaped. The Romans employed a variety of shapes of crosses for crucifixion, so it is hard to say.
    D) no

    --Aaron Chambers

  4. I never thought of the 10 commandments as a wedding, but what an interesting take on it. So meaningful. The wedding thing is something I’ve been struggling with, so it’s funny that this is all I am hearing and focusing on in everything about this video and article.