Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Other Side

Become familiar with the concept of 'the other side.'

First, watch this from Dave:


Soo,, when you see this sign... It's called THE OTHER SIDE....The circle is  the Sea of Gallilee.  On the NW corner, you see the "Orthodox Triangle" of Three Jewish Villages (Capernaum, Korazim, Bethsaidada)

vs. the SE side (OR "THE OTHER SIDE")...the "pagan" side of the lake, which includes  "Decapolis"/Ten Cities and the 7 Pagan Nations .

Notice the RECURRENCE OF THE PHRASE "the other side" IN CHAPTERS 8-10 of Matthew:


This is all leading up to these two videos by Ray Vander Laan that together help with this idea of "the other side,"  Watch them carefully, enjoy, and be prepared to talk about them in teh forum.
Remember Dave said this lesson on the other side is often the one students find most helpful to use in their case study/signature paper.

First video: "When Storms Come":

  Here is a nice slideshow summary of this first video (just click each part):

If slideshow links don't work, click or paste this link:

Part 1: Sea of Galilee 
Part 2: Perceptions of Water 
Part 3: A Terrifying Night 
Part 4: Peter's Courage 
Part 5: Facing our Seas 
Part 6: Courage in the Storm

--Second video: "Piercing the Darkness":

click here,

with love (must be logged into Moodle) to watch

or click  or paste this  link below


Here is a nice slideshow summary of the second video (just click each part..or  click  or paste this link for full slideshow:



  • Note the cross-cultural implications of Jesus' two feedings of  the multitude:
  • see:

    (diagram below by John Stevenson, see 2nd link above)

    Feeding of the 5,000
    Feeding of the 4,000
    Mark 6:34-44
    Mark 8:1-9
    Took place after the multitude had been with Jesus for one day.Took place after the multitude had been with Jesus for three days.
    The multitude was mostly Jewish.The multitude would have been mostly Gentile.
    Took place near Bethsaida  on the northwestern shore of the Sea of Galilee.Took place in the Decapolis on the southeastern shore of the Sea of Galilee.
    Jesus used 5 loaves and 2 fish.Jesus used 7 loaves and a few small fish.
    There were 12 small baskets of leftovers.There were 7 large baskets of leftovers.

    Q>Who is Jesus in Matthew?  
                  A>The one who is not afraid to go to "THE OTHER SIDE"

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